Cake Topper Instructions

Always make sure your hands are clean and dry when handling the toppers.

Large round, square or rectangle topper

Leave the topper sealed in the bag until you are ready to use it as it will absorb moisture/ humidity from the air and become too soft or can dry out depending on the environment. 

1. Get a damp cloth (make sure it’s damp and not wet) and dampen the top of your cake. A sheet of kitchen roll is great for this.
2. Cut the bag to remove the topper where needed as we put them in small bags to prevent movement and damage in transit. Carefully remove the icing from the plastic backing.
3. Place the topper on top of your cake and with your clean dry hands rub the topper to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Cupcake toppers

1. If you need to cut out your cupcakes toppers use clean dry scissors to carefully cut around the circles. If they are pre-cut you just need to bend the plastic back and they will pop off.

Full sheet ready to be cut out

1. Remove the topper from the plastic sheet backing and carefully cut it it out using clean dry scissors.